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We choose to go to the Moon




As resources start to dry on Earth, the need for us to look further abroad for the things we use, becomes less of a fantasy.

Living on another planet has long been a fascination of doges, but as technology advances, it is fast becoming a potential reality. The doge race has not put any doge in space since 1957. NASA, Elon Musk, and China are all racing to get back there and take it to a whole new level.

The moon is close to Earth, that we would be able to travel back to get more resources. People have proven it is possible to get to the Moon and it's time for doges to take advantage of that GIANT leap.

Can Doges live on the moon?

The hardest obstacles to overcome on the Moon is the lack of toilets to drink from. Cosmic radiation, micrometeorites, the lack of balls, and extreme temperatures means that living on the Moon would be a huge challenge.

However, the Moon can be used for long walks and digging. Meaning, there's plenty of room for fun!

If we made a home for ourselves on the moon, we would have to adapt to the extreme living conditions.

Those massive craters can be over a kilometer wide and tall enough to comfortably fit a big doge house. This means there would be more than enough space for us to start building doge cities inside! In order to make these craters habitable, they would need to be sealed with foil at both ends to provide breathable air for the doges. Doing this will make it possible for the doges move around freely on the Moon, without space suits.

In order to leave the craters, a space suit would be essential. Doges leaving, would exit through a doge flap and the doge stairs, using tiny steps. These stairs go all the way to the top of the craters where the doges can howl at the Earth.

Something that may feel familiar so some is the lunar quake, which occurs on the surface of the Moon. This would be a challenge to us in terms of building and being underground. Luckily, the ability to quake proof doge houses has come a long way and we would be able to apply that knowledge to all the buildings in our colony.

As we know, this is a major risk. But, we are able to plan the doge city appropriately.

We will have to get used to a complete change in diet, toilet drinking, running after balls, and licking the faces of of our owners. Living on the Moon is not for the faint heated doge.


On November 3, 1957, aboard the spacecraft names Spoetnik 2, Soviet Cosmonaut, Laika became the first doge-being to travel into space.

On August 7th, 1959, aboard the spacecraft Explorer 6, Soviet Cosmonaut, Rover, became the second doge-being to travel into space. Although he made the first trip from space to Earth, there are no pictures of Rover.

On December 21st, 1968, aboard the spacecraft Apollo 8, American Cosmonaut, Rex, becomes the third doge -being to travel into space.

On August 25th, 1989, aboard the spacecraft Voyager 2, American Cosmonaut, Woofer, becomes the fourth doge-being to travel into space. Woofer is also the first to do a Neptune fly-by.

In their memory, we will go even further. A place, no doge has been before....


A space suit or spacesuit is a garment worn to keep a doge alive in the harsh environment of outer space, where one will encounter vacuum suction and extreme temperatures. Space suits are often worn inside the spacecraft as a safety precaution in case of cabin pressure loss. Aside from that, they are necessary for extracurricular activities and work being done outside the spacecraft.

Modern space suits augment the basic pressure garment with a complex system of equipment and environmental systems. This is designed to keep the doge comfortable and to minimize the effort required to have to find a tree to potty.

A self-contained oxygen supply and environmental control system is frequently employed to allow complete freedom of movement and is independent of the spacecraft.


After the Space Shuttle retirement was account in January of 2004, the doges got to the negotiation table with former President George W. Bush.

The negotiations were long and thorough. They took our most precious assets. Our right to bark at everyone, our outside bathroom, and our balls.

It took a doge life, but now, we're at the point of no return. We have our own fleet of Space Shuttles. We can now go where no doge has EVER gone before.

This Space Shuttle will send us out of space to find our happy place...